Christmas Trucking

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One piece of equipment, two drivers.  Equipment is insured, full of fuel and has a dent in the rear bumper.  Driver 2 has had some questionable moments on the road.  It’s not her fault, she was really sleep deprived after having the twins.

Check the load board above the kitchen counter 

Dispatch: Pick up a turkey, butter, bread ,celery ,onions, parsley, sage, thyme, mushrooms, olive oil, Brussel sprouts, yams, potatoes and a giant bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol.

Do we need a reefer unit?

Check the load board.

Dispatch: One of the drivers needs to pick up a nerf gun, telescope, Lego and night vision goggles.

Dispatch: Driver 2 needs to pick up a desk, bedside table, make up, pajamas and lumberjack chic outfits

Check the load board

Dispatch: A driver needs to pick up a bean bag chair, clothing for stuffed animals, and a fleece sleeping bag

How can we organize these tasks so we are not sending our drivers back and forth with empty loads?   I am not sure that Driver 1 considers the need to organize as much as I do.  His mind is occupied with how he is going to pay all of his bills.

These work orders are for Mom and Dad.  We feel overwhelmed trying to pick up loads and deliver them on time – December 25.  I can only imagine how a trucking operation without a software to manage its business may feel every day.  Why have Christmas like panic throughout the year?

A Transportation Management System would help.   Tailwind can assist you in integrating with load boards, and organizing your drivers.  It can track damage to your equipment and fuel tax charges.

Organize your work in one software platform so you don’t have to feel panicked, and confused as to how you can accomplish all of your tasks in a timely manner.  Try Tailwind for a month and watch your attitude change from overwhelmed to professional.

Now that I have done my driving, how about an adult Blog Nogg?

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