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That Big Hole

Truck digging a hole

Murray Pratt

Over Thanksgiving a gaming company that has no other higher purpose than being a gaming company – decided to run another one of their fundraisers. A fundraiser for ‘what’, nobody …

Overdrive: Web-based small fleet, broker TMS software

Overdrive logo

Brad Zaytsoff

The Tailwind company has launched a web-based trucking software and freight broker software, to further build on its enterprise-grade transportation management systems (TMS) for smaller companies. With a starting price …

Monkeys, Pigs, Goats and Cubs

Chicago Cubs 2016 Goat Busters

Murray Pratt

Curses! Lifted curses! The Chicago Cubs win the 2016 World Series. After a 108 year wait, the Cubs have finally won the World Series. It’s one thing to be on …

The Fruits of our Labours/Labors

Happy Labor Day image

Murray Pratt

“Dad, who gave us the weekends?” This was a question asked by my youngest boy a number of years back. Many people describe him as my ‘Mini –Me’. For the …

Fully, Completely, and Tragically Hip

The Tragically Hip post stamps

Murray Pratt

Today I have that New Orleans’ sinking feeling as I listen to My Music at Work, and begin to feel the lament and impending loss symbolized by the last Tragically …

Vice President’s week

Vice president image design

Murray Pratt

  “Mr. Pratt?” “Oh, Hi Erick. Thanks for coming to see me. Sit down and take a seat” “I am kind of nervous…um…what did you want to see me about?” …