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Newsletter: 2018 in Review

Trucking Software Customer Survey Results

Brad Zaytsoff

(Our Winter newsletter went out recently, but we thought we’d repost it here for anyone who missed it. If you want to subscribe to our quarterly e-mail newsletter, you can …

Where There’s Fyre – There’s Smoke!

Campire on a beach

Murray Pratt

This is not a post I particularly take pleasure in writing, because I am typically someone who appreciates the ambition of the dreamer, the heart of the entrepreneur, and those …

A New Year’s Message From Tailwind

Happy New Year

Murray Pratt

As I watched Charles Dickens’ enduring classic A Christmas Carol yet again over the holidays, the plot of the movie got me thinking about Tailwind and the work we’ve done. So here …

236 Green Lights

Traffic lights with green light

Murray Pratt

There is a video out in the Web-o-sphere of an Uber driver driving along and hitting 236 consecutive green lights! Wow! If I did the same video… I am sure …

Tailwind’s Holiday Album

Holiday Greetings from the Tailwind TMS team

Brad Zaytsoff

It’s that time of year again, when the nights grow long and the days grow cold – and there’s nothing like a bunch of colourful lights, glasses of eggnog, and merry …

The Weight of Memory

Vietnam war image of a soldier playing the guitar

Murray Pratt

I watched the Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam War for the third time this past week on Netflix. It is perhaps the most moving and compelling war-related documentary I …