I have to get over my Acarophobia. I really have to get over my fear of bugs.

Isn’t it ironic that in leading a trucking software company that I should suffer from a phobia that has the word ‘CAR’ in it?  Totally weird.

It’s a nice clear sunny summer day. You have a full load and you are rolling smoothly down the highway – beautiful view of the rocky mountains out the passenger window of your rig and then…

‘Ping’, ‘blat’, ‘sploosh’, ‘SPL-A-A-A-A-T’!

They just start pounding on your windshield until you have such a mess it’s like some insect horror movie playing out right in front of you.

It’s so messy and so colorful you wonder if you accidentally drove through the movie set of Disney’s sequel to ‘A Bug’s Life’. You just rolled from one of their movie locations at 60-miles an hour without even a sense that you had completely killed the scene!  The big old moth director is yelling ‘cut, cut’, and you are feeling like quite the jerk over the whole issue.

While all Canadian kids that play street hockey know to yell ‘CAR’! as an alert to their friends – you start to wonder why the actors in ‘A Bug’s Life 3’ haven’t learned to yell ‘TRUCK’!

And while it’s a tragedy for the movie cast, it is a darn stupid inconvenience for you the trucker. Two big splotches on the windshield perfectly lined up with both your eyes obstructing the view of the open road. You then find yourself either ducking down or moving your head from side to side. You try hitting the ‘wipers’, but being low on fluid you end up sweeping the entire mess across the whole windshield. You are now driving in a ‘field of green’.

‘If you smash it… they will slide’.

My Acarophobia is primarily associated with my fear of bugs.

As a software CEO I have to deal with ‘bugs’.  It’s not just ‘bugs’ per se, but the entire concept of ‘bugs’.  I have pretty well given up trying to get Developers and Coders to explain to me what a ‘bug’ is or isn’t.

But it seems to me that it’s something entirely unexpected. Sort of like you are in the middle of delivering that great line in a Bug’s Life movie – and you get taken down by a MAC truck flying through the movie set. It’s something you just didn’t expect. I mean if you did, you would have fixed it already wouldn’t you?

‘Bugs’, it seems, are the little gremlins in the software that we either didn’t anticipate, or arise when other pieces are put into place that affect other pieces of the code. Hopefully we can catch most of those through testing, but inevitably something happens – one of our users legitimately tries to do something with the software that uncovers something we just didn’t know about. Yep – ‘bugs’ are our responsibility.

And when that happens we sort of feel like you when this happens to your truck.

But here’s the really, really cool thing that we have going on with our software. It’s has to do with the fact that our trucking & freight brokerage software is web-based and delivered from the Cloud. It can also be updated and improved more quickly in the Cloud – to the benefit of everyone.


Hey nobody is perfect. We certainly aren’t. But what we focus on is our ability to fix things and improve more quickly than anybody else.

Think of our Support and Development teams like a very good set of ‘windshield wipers’ powered by some ‘amazing new cleaning fluid’. They are like a ‘SHAM WOW’ team. And it means we can clean your windshield more quickly so that it looks more like this.


In fact it’s just like you put the windshield wipers on the High setting and hit it with three rounds a cleaning fluid!

In doing so, we have learned to appreciate it whenever we find a ‘bug’.  We have learned to embrace the fact that customers come to us and say, ‘I think you have a bug’.

We love it not only because we are getting faster in fixing the bugs, but we know the most important lesson in all of this.

All this feedback is making our trucking application better. We get better because our customers show us the ways that we need to get better. We listen and then we improve.

So here is my advice.

If you want to get rid of your Acarophobia, just learn to engage and enjoy the bugs… and… if… pthew… pthew… cah…. cag…. pthew.

Sorry, got another mosquito in my mouth.

I’ll  thend my thlog here.