Tailwind Newsletter – Spring is Coming!

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Spring is here, the birds are chirping, and the work Tailwind has put in over the winter months is coming into bloom… including new Pre-Pay Savings offers, a trip to TIA 2019, our latest webinars and more…


 Tailwind at TIA 2019… 

Tailwind was on the floor at TIA‘s Capital Ideas Conference & Exhibition in April. Brad and John (above) met with some great people at the Tailwind booth, while our head developer, Rav, attended sessions and toured exhibits to learn how to make the continuously improving Tailwind TMS even stronger. Congrats to Drew from RFG Logistics who won a one-year subscription to Tailwind Enterprise and a new Chromebook to use it on!

🎬 Latest Webinars 🎥

‘Wanna See It YOUR Way’: Getting the Most Out of Tailwind

Customize your Tailwind TMS to get the information YOU want to see, the way YOU want to see it. Learn how to filter views, unlock multi-tab workflows, leverage custom data fields, and more.

Where the Trucks Are – Tailwind and Trucker Tools Smart Capacity

Looking for timely truckload capacity data, predictive freight-matching workflows, and new capacity management tools? Check out this webinar with Tailwind and Trucker Tools.

💵 Pre-Pay Savings💰

Already use Tailwind to streamline the admin, operations and general management of your business? Why not take advantage of 10-25% savings off the monthly subscription rate with a Tailwind Pre-Pay agreement?

Find out more about Tailwind Pre-Pay.

Partner Collaborations

Tailwind is on the air

Tailwind’s President & CEO, Murray Pratt, was featured on a podcast hosted by Freight Broker Planet: a Q&A-style show that aimed to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the need for TMS software and its many uses.
Check it out here.

Trucker Tools Case Study

Tailwind partner, Trucker Tools, shares how Smart Capacity software “helps Brokers increase Micro Carrier Volume and Efficiency.”

Feel the WIND at your back! 

Looking to control the chaos of compliance, dispatch and paperwork in your freight business? The continuously improving, completely web-based Tailwind TMS is built specifically for small to mid-sized trucking companies, freight brokerages, and those that do both. We help you compete with those big firms without having to spend thousands of dollars just to get started.

Start your 15-day free trial to see how Tailwind can help in your business.


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