Don’t Worry ‘Bout a Thing

empty rolled toothpaste isolated on abstract background

Murray Pratt

‘Four out of Five Dentists Recommend you don’t read this Blog as part of a Proper Reading Schedule.’ I couldn’t quite believe it. I got up first. My three kids …

‘You Bring It!’

White tailed eagle

Murray Pratt

People ask me all the time, ‘Where do you come up with your ideas for your blogs?’ Well, okay, they don’t exactly ask me that question. Okay… no one has …

The Data Asset & The Way You Do It

data asset

Murray Pratt

I had a discussion with one of my new colleagues yesterday and he spoke about the importance our transportation management software plays in creating value and equity for the owner(s) …

All the Write Stuff

Top view of mixed race business team sitting at the table at loft office and working. Woman manager brings the document

Murray Pratt

“A blog-a-thon?” he asked. “Yes, a blog-a-thon” I responded. “Like a literary Lollapalooza for bloggers” Brad the groovy-socks marketer was skeptical. But I was adamant. “How come we don’t think …

The ‘With’ Software Company

Tailwind Transportation Software

Murray Pratt

  It become clear to me years ago that one of the biggest distinctions in life is doing things ‘with’ someone versus doing something ‘to’ someone. That learning was formed …

Client Server Software Pizza, Pizza


Murray Pratt

“Thanks for coming in, what would you like” “I’ll have a slice of that Hawaiian, please.” “So, do you want a small, medium, or large?” “Well… I actually I just …