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Every year before the summer high season, the trucking industry goes through a number of inspection blitzes. It’s called a blitz – in that a significant number of resources are applied by safety and regulatory bodies to inspect trucks and drivers to ensure that their trucks are up to safety standards, and drivers have the appropriate licensing and certifications to drive their vehicles.

It’s done for all the right reasons, but it is usually highly publicized with a bit of ‘theatre’ attached, since regulators know that they can’t get to every vehicle or every driver, but want to do it in a salient enough manner that everyone thinks they may be touched by this.

The information gleaned through these annual blitzes can lead into a full compliance and safety audit of a carrier, all to be reported publicly in CSA Scores posted on the Internet for all to see.

In order to be prepared, a Carrier would be well served to look at some solid trucking software to help them manage the risk of non-compliance and poor safety in the business.

Trucking software gives you a platform – a foundation for tracking AND improvement upon your CSA scores. A good trucking software program gives you the ability to track and manage your equipment, records service and maintenance on trucks, and helps in the tracking of the licensing and certifications of drivers.

In addition, good trucking software should remind and alert you to upcoming equipment maintenance events and the pending renewals of key driver certifications – like hazmat.

Trucking software gives your business the good business hygiene necessary to keep your trucking company moving forward as a viable entity. It helps you reduce the risk that you will be either be shut down or suffer reputation damage, which very well could mean you lose business.

Not only can good trucking software mitigate your risk, it can save you the time and bother in producing reports for authorities

And most importantly, trucking software can give you reports with timely and relevant information on what aspects of your business you need to improve upon for safety and certification purposes.

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