How 20-seconds can change your life

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I was waiting for my massage therapist to call me in for a treatment, trying to be patient and relaxed, and trying to be a relaxed patient (ha!). I started reading an article about the human mind to occupy mine. The article I was reading stated that it takes the human mind 20-seconds to talk itself out of initiating a “new behavior”.  The example cited was exercising when it is not part of your usual routine. It goes something like this…”maybe I should exercise today…I will go get my runners…where did I put those things and…. Oh forget it, I am too tired.”

So it made me ponder the realities of implementing a new trucking software or freight broker software. Initially, we assume that new customers are “on board” to make a change; that they have decided that their current way of working (paper, pens, sticky notes and excel) is really NOT working, and that they are ready to change. That they signed up for Tailwind’s Transportation Management Software to organize and ensure their operations and administration are consistent and efficient.  Sounds good right? But using a new software involves initiating a whack of new behaviors. So at Tailwind we have 19.9-seconds to convince you to not listen to your natural resistance to change!

John C Lilly, M.D. was a physician, neurophysiologist and pioneer in the field of states of consciousness. He wanted to answer the question: “How can the mind render itself sufficiently objective to study itself?”. Kind of reminds me of Austin Powers, when he says “Allow myself to introduce… myself”…

Lilly believed all humans are programmed biocomputers, and that we can “self-program” to create new programs and to modify old ones. Our reality is the set of beliefs, feelings and thoughts that our biocomputer upholds. So when we experience something new, we can free ourselves from what we already believe. We can create an “emptiness” instead of a barrier and thereby create new possibilities to extend ourselves beyond our limiting beliefs.

Lilly created a list of questions to challenge our held beliefs and to allow for reprogramming. A few of these questions are:

  1. What are my goals?
  2. What do I have to stop doing to change my previous behavior?
  3. What positive behaviors can potentially replace old negative patterns of behavior?

So when we look at using a new Transportation Management System, customers need to go through this list of questions. They must address the needs around implementing a new software for their trucking or freight brokerage business—which usually amount to the “old behavior” (pen and paper and excel sheets) not meeting their growing demands.

So a message new customers: you have already decided that your current reality does not work—so now, “reprogram” it! Take the time to build a new system. Believe in Tailwind and stop yourself from resisting change. Push past the 20-second mark and go to training so that you can ‘feel the WIND at your back’! Have a relationship with us that allows you to start many “new behaviors” as we can help to create a new reality for you – one that aligns your business with the growing demands of the transportation industry.

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