Hours of Service Exemptions in the Trucking Industry

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It’s pretty hard to enforce a universal standard, or policy, when you are creating so many exemptions to the policy.

Now it appears that the Department of Transportation has exempted ‘bee haulers’ from the Hours of Service policy.

So what’s the buzz on this?

There is an issue with the health of honey bees while being transported and given the state of the honeybee population and their importance to agriculture, it was felt that the exemption was needed for the long haul transport of bees – but not short-haul.

Makes sense, I guess. I’d have to trust the experts on this.

But you have to wonder just how many codicils, exemptions, ‘not-withstandings’ are going to have to be given on the Hours of Service policy for an industry that transports 70% of the goods in North America.

After all these exemptions, the policy may end up looking like a piece of Swiss cheese- which surely will get an exemption as well.

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