FMCSA Carrier Scoring Rules

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It’s a bit like the scoreboard at a football game, or at a baseball or hockey game. It’s all up there for everyone to see.

It’s pretty clear who is winning and who isn’t.

Scoring rules for carriers from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have been sent from the US DOT’s trucking regulatory agency to the White House Office of Management and Budget for approval.

And while the scorecards carriers get offers as clear distinctions as to who is winning and who is losing, the score on these are no less important. In fact, they are much more important, as it relates to public safety.

Every carrier in the US is being regulated and scored according to a set of guidelines. There is a significant amount of controversy on how the rules are applied and how they are interpreted (or misinterpreted), which causes some frustration.

Nevertheless, every carrier will need to look at his or her operation and find ways to track against and improve the results on their scorecard.

Trucking software provides Carriers with a platform for tracking and maintaining safety and compliance. Also, trucking software allows you to track and report on the maintenance and condition of your equipment, and the certifications and performance of your drivers. The best trucking software gives you the ability to generate up to date reports when you do incur a safety audit or when you are required to produce a report to regulators.

Using trucking software allows you to run your operation with good regulatory hygiene and gives you a chance to perform effectively, transparently and become, with good performance, one of the top scorers in the league.

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