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“Thanks for calling Drone Delivery. We are glad that you called. We do our utmost to satisfy your every shipping need. We do LTL, FTL, NHL and NFL. In fact last week we did all of the above for one of our customers. That reminded me of the time when I first got into this business, we were just starting out…

“Um…um…well…hey…I have a shipment and looking for a quote. Thought I would try this new drone delivery for the first time.”

“Okay…some customers want trucks. Others want intermodal. Some use ocean, while others use air or a combination of all the modalities. According to Cliff Clavin, over the course of the past few years with the advent of trade agreements and the general liberalization of trade barriers, there has been increased trade flows across all geographies and modes of transport. The recent TPP is just another element of this pattern and speaks to…

“Well, okay. Like how much does it cost? What size packages can you deliver?”

I am glad you asked. Well that depends. For instance, do you want it there today or tomorrow? or the next day or the day after that? Or perhaps in a week or two, or in a month? Also depends on the size and complexity of the package. Is it just a few pallets of tide, or a half a truckload, or a combination where you have 4 pallets of tide, 2 of Cascade, 3 of some weed killer and 8 with tin foil. In fact it might be a big truckload of Pampers?

“A truckload of Pampers?”

“Yes. You know, back in the days when I worked in consumer goods I had a customer who would ship goods up to the northern most reaches of the continent. It was unique in that only during a short period of the summer could they bring up their yearly supplies. They wouldn’t ship by train – nope. They wouldn’t ship by air – nope. Not even by truck – nope. Nope, nope, nope. They would ship all the stuff up by barge. Yes you heard me right – by barge. Well this one time there was a big storm in the summer and wouldn’t you know it things got all crazy on the big river…to the degree that that big ole barge flipped over and spilled everything into the river. And on that barge was a bunch of Pampers. Well, when those suckers flipped into the river, it darn near soaked up the whole flow I bet. I mean those little blue pellets in the diaper – well those can soak up to over 30 times its weight! It meant that those darn Pampers cases weighed about as much as a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle bus. I mean you couldn’t imagine how much liquid those things soaked up in that river. It would have anchored an entire generation of Inuit children if they worn them. I mean I could go on and on…

“I was just wanting to find out about your Drone service. I have a small package that I want delivered across town and I was hoping that you could get it there more quickly than a courier service that is always getting tied up in traffic on one of our bridges.”

“Oh. So you actually want one of them Drone flying gadgets? Well, this is Drone Delivery Services. We don’t do that. We do a lot of other things though. You know we started in 1905 as a Horse and Buggy service and we started using our wagon to deliver vegetables from local farms to markets in the city. Now this would have been tough to do because the roads had a lot of potholes and you had to feed and care for the horses. Our founder, Howard Drone, thought that it might be a better idea if we took the more scenic routes into the city, avoiding the potholes and not worrying about getting to the city so quickly. He built an entire business around this concept where today we approach things a little bit differently. And if I may be direct with you. Is it okay if I am direct with you? Because some people don’t like it when you are direct with them. I remember when…


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