Another Load of Malarkey

Let the shenanigans begin

Murray Pratt

“Top o’ the mornin’ to you officer. What can I help you with?” “Yes, I need to see your license, and registration, sir.” “Great officer. Be glad to o’blidge you. …

The Digital ‘Supply Chain’ Gang

Murray Pratt

I am going away for a couple of nights this weekend for the first time in six months. Probably the first time in about three years when it hasn’t been …

Just About an Hour Behind

Hand holding March 11 Daylight Savings Calendar white background

Murray Pratt

It’s all Chris Martin’s fault. I shouldn’t have put his video on when I was writing my blog. What a crazy morning. Monday’s are tough enough as it is. Gotta …

We’re the People That Put the….

annoyed child pinching his nose for smell, sticking out tongue

Murray Pratt

Driving down the road and listening to the radio on my commute this morning, I hear Kelly the DJ, who is also one of the Zamboni Drivers at our local …

Color Me… um, Purple?

colorful fruit gum

Murray Pratt

There is such delight in seeing a rainbow. Here on the west coast, I can’t imagine the effect they had on some of the original humans that walked through the …

The Robot CEO

Robot CEO

Murray Pratt

I remember enjoying one particular episode of Cheers – the hit 1980s TV sitcom starring Ted Danson. It was the one in which Norm is promoted to become the guy …

‘Fill up Your SaaS Tank, Sir?’

Man Refueling Car's Tank

Murray Pratt

  “I can see across the street that the price of gallon of gas at that station is $2.21. What are YOU guys charging? I don’t see it anywhere?” “Oh… …

‘Everybody’s Working for the Weekend’

Murray Pratt

Unfortunately, except for those, it seems, who work in trucking. I felt like having an 80’s retro Monday morning, so I have put on my Jaromir Jagr mullet-cap… you know …

Getting ready for the holidays… Tailwind style!

Brad Zaytsoff

Curling is a serious sport…   Johnny’s got some mad curling skills…   …Rockin’ around, the Christmas tree…   The gingerbread contest begins!   The Customer Success team has Earl …

Tailwind Announces: No Discounts at Year End…

No End of Year Sale

Murray Pratt

Tailwind Transportation Software is pleased to announce that it will not be offering discounts on its award-winning web-based software-as-a-service transportation management software at the end of this calendar year. We …