“Bills & bills,” “Skids & skids” & “Scales n scale”

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There are a lot of reasons why a small to medium sized trucking company would want to have a trucking software system in place.

First there is Bill the Driver.

Where are you going to put all the key information you have on Bill the Driver? He is a nice guy and you want to make sure you have his start date, his birthdate, and his key details in the system – ie emergency contact. And it may be important for you to distinguish between the first Bill, who is a staff driver and paid hourly, from the second Bill, the Driver (2) who is an owner operator and is paid on a % basis. And of course, you will want to be able to track the loads that they were paid for with driver summary statements – each getting the details that they need.

And how will you know how to track their insurance coverages, the status of their CDL, and their certifications – Hazmat or instance if you don’t have some trucking software in place.?

You will also need to keep track of the bills you have to pay. Not just the Bills you have to pay, but the bills you have to pay. To pay for things like fuel, truck leases, rent, and of course your NetFlix subscriptions, so you and the team can get together to watch Convoy, Duel or Smokey & The Bandit every Friday afternoon.

You also want a software that is sensitive and can track on the skids that you are moving. Trucking software that lets you know what skids you got in the trailer – which ones were picked up on the multiple picks, and which ones were dropped off on the multiple drops.

And you want software that will track any damage that has occurred to the cargo – to the skids that may have occurred in transit or occurred during the offloading process so you can follow-up with your driver.

And, unfortunately, you will have those times when the roads get greasy slick from rains after a hot spell, or from sleet on a snowy winter day…well, there are those times when an accident occurs and causes damage to your vehicle. You will want to make sure you are tracking on the details of the accident in your trucking software and outlining how you are fixing them in your maintenance module.

But, most importantly, a good trucking software system makes sure you don’t lose track of your revenues & costs, so you can better determine your profitability – make better decisions so you business doesn’t ‘hit the skids’ itself.

Finally, you better be able to track the vehicles and performance ratings for your trailers and equipment – the tare and gross weight – so that you don’t overload your vehicle, making it unsafe and/or having it fail at an inspection at a weigh scale.

And if you take care of all these little bits and niggly things (that are actually quite important things) in your trucking software, then you will have the chance to grow your business, as you refine your systems and processes. As your people learn and grow with the business, you will be able to ‘scale the business’ to new heights. That is one of the biggest benefits of having a trucking software platform in place. Having a platform means that your business can stand on something as it goes about it work and not collapse.

Trucking software is a platform that can handle all your Bills and bills, your skids & skids, and scale with you grow your business.

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