Barbie & Ken Trucking

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“Hi Ken”

“Hi Barbie”“Good to see you Ken.”

“Good to see you Barbie.”
“Ken, did you bring in the paperwork from your last trip?”

“No Barbie, I forgot. I just got back from getting my chest waxed and my pedicure after my tennis game at the country club”“No problem Ken…….that sweater sure looks good draped down across your chest. It must be a difficult day of short haul driving and then having to go play tennis. Doesn’t your family want to spend more time with you?”

“No Barbie. I am not married. Between my one trip each day to the port and then either my sailing lessons or squash games, and the massages afterwards, I just don’t have time for anything else! Is that a new outfit Barbie?”

“You noticed, you noticed Ken! I picked this little number up in Malibu the last time I was there. Hey Ken, I noticed that you are limping. Did you hurt yourself loading or unloading a skid?”

“Ha-ha-ha. That is funny Barbie. No, I have Lumpers and Swampers who do all that work for me. No, I woke up this morning and I couldn’t find my left foot. I had a weird nightmare though. It was like a big monster grab my leg in the middle of the night and ripped off my foot”

“Oh my. I once had a terrible rotator-cuff injury trying to put on a new dress from my Malibu collection. It put me off balance for a week…….and I kept falling over………and over.”

“Hey Barbie. Can you tell me about the new logistics department the company is opening up? I am sort of curious. That new guy they brought in……….Joe something……..Joe Fresh, Joe Biden…..Joe….”

“Oh , G.I. Joe. Isn’t he cute?”

“It might surprise you Barbie, but I don’t think so. What is his story?”

“He fought in WW II, the Korean War, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and a backyard in Wheeling, West Virginia. He is S-o-o brave! They found him a backyard fort where he was hiding from the enemy. He was lying naked with some scribbling across his forehead, he was missing his right  arm and his left  leg……and it looked like……..well, it looked  like ……well, you know……..they were blown off during …..”

“Ouch…okay Barbie……..I get the picture. I know the feeling. I got hit with a serve by my friend Aiden one time”

“Did you serve too Ken?”

“Yes. I served once at a downtown eatery and I serve every day at the Choctaw Tennis club”

“Oh Ken, you are so brave too!”

“So the ‘G’ and the ‘I’……what’s it stand for? Gumby Ingnacious? Gordie Ilia?”

“I think it stands for General Infantry, Ken. He was not a front- line soldier though. He was involved in the logistics of the war. He was the guy who made sure that all the frontline soldiers had all the things that they needed to conduct the war – bubble gum, candies, half- eaten muffins and a spilled can of Coke.  He worked closely with the Tonka War department and made sure it all got delivered on time”

“Well, if he wasn’t a frontline soldier, how the heck did he end up severely injured in the fort?”

“Well, as he tells me the story. Two generals were fighting over him – one pulling at his arm, the other at his leg – and he blacked out. Next thing he knew he was on a parachute maneuver from the roof-top of his command center and landed in the fort. Ken…..he is SO tough!”

“So what is he going to do?”

“Well, he is an expert in logistics. And with his background in the military he brings with him great discipline on how a trucking business and a brokerage operation should run cohesively”

“So is he the guy who is bringing in all the new trucking software and freight brokerage software into the business?”

“I believe so. I also think he is introducing new performance standards for the business. He wants the salespeople to sell better, the marketing people to generate more leads, the drivers to drive more safely and prudently, the dispatchers to optimize their capacity and the accountants to improve our cash flow. And best of all, he wants me to wear a lot more different outfits! Isn’t that exciting Ken, isn’t that so exciting? We will have new trucking software – and a new way of doing business! Wowsie, wowsie!”

“I guess its okay”

“Hey Barbie – um – do you think we – er – er could give it another try? Maybe we could head to the soda shop on Saturday night, and go see a Doris Day movie afterwards? Just you and me?”

“Sorry Ken. You know…um, um….things didn’t quite work out the last time we together. I have other plans. I will be trying on some shoes and outfits on Saturday night at my place. And G.I. Joe is coming over to take me through the new Performance Standards manual for the business while we watch the movie ‘9 1/2 Minutes’. He tells me that I will know all the Operating procedures for the company by the end of the weekend”

“O-o-kay. How’s his um…um…his injury coming along?”

“Oh no problem there, he went into hospital over Christmas and they attached a whole new undercarriage for his trucking operation. He says he feels like $59 bucks now!”

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