The last week of summer…the last vestiges of summer freedom…fleeting times as the sunny hot days of summer give way to the fresh crisp air of the fall, of a new school year.

We were all there at some time. But with the loss of summer comes the excitement and curiousity of what it will look like for next year in school – new clothes, new school supplies, and who will be in my class? Who will be my teacher?

I think that ‘inner school child’ resides in all of us. We look to the end of summer as a new start…learning something new, doing something different.

One of the busiest times in the technology business occurs in the fall just as school starts, and in the new year just after Christmas vacation. I chalk it up to the ‘inner school kid’ in all of us in which we look to the horizon of what will be, what could be.

We all want it to be a great school year, we want to do our best. Make some new friends and learn new things.

Business is very much the same way, and the trucking business is no different. We want to accomplish the best for our business. Find some new customers, make existing customers even more successful, and learn something new – grow as a businessperson, grow as a trucking company.

I think that is why people reach out to us at those times, to find out more about Trucking Software and Freight Brokerage software. For me, when someone phones in I am happy, not primarily because it keeps me employed (but that is appreciated!), but more because it’s a sign of someone trying to accomplish something, trying to get better, trying to make things better for their business, their families, their business partners, their staff. I like the fact that people have the courage to try and learn something new – especially us older business types who can get intimidated by all these ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ assembled in so many unique and crazy ways.

I am just really glad that we can help, that I can help. And sometimes it takes me back to my first day of school in the late 60’s. Back to a picture of me and my three brothers sitting on our front steps of our house, wearing our new clothes, showing our new haircuts, laddered up from youngest to oldest…a whole future ahead of us.