Android vs IOS – A Trucking/Freight Broker Software Perspective

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Over the past few years, Apple has become more popular than it ever has before within the public, including thetrucking industry. But when comparing both Android and IOS, which is the better option for users of trucking and freight broker software? Of course this is mostly based on personal opinions and preferences, but I believe Android has many advantages over IOS. Even though it may seem as if many people carry IOS, worldwide Android phones have more than 70 percent market share, whereas the iPhone only has 21 percent.

Below are only a few of the reasons why Android is favoured over IOS:

1.     Customization

Android allows its user to much more freely customize their phone to their personal likings. Widgets can be added, for things that are important and more frequently needed – like truck drivers using mobile trucking software. This feature enables the user to feel more in control when using their phone. Although the iPhone does allow some widgets to be added, it has some restrictions and is more selective.

2.     Multitasking

Android users are enabled to multitask, meaning two apps can be opened at the same time. This can be beneficial during many situations. For example, texting and reading something online at the same time. However, IOS does not support split screen multitasking. So, their uses would be forced to switch back and forth between the two desired apps. This would be a pain when switching between your mobile trucking app and other apps like email and text.

3.     Micro SD Card

Android is compatible with Micro SD cards which allows more storage on your mobile device. These cards can be bought at a minimal price and go a long way. Since iPhones do not feature a Micro SD slot, users are stuck with the amount of storage the phone originally came with. The only way to upgrade its storage capacity is by buying a new iPhone.

Tailwind’s Transportation Software is targeted towards what the majority of the public prefers, which is Android. This is due to the fact that Tailwind tries to adapt to what their customers feel most comfortable and familiar with. Customer preferences are always taken into consideration because giving good quality service is important to us. Tailwind’s dispatch software is compatible with all Android mobile devices and tablets.

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