Announcing the New Tailwind Customer Portal

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Tailwind TMS Customer Portal

You wear many hats in your business.

If you run or lead a small trucking or freight brokerage company you have to do everything – finding loads, dispatching, creating BOLs, invoicing and payments.

How you spend your time and what you spend your time on are essential. It can be the difference between profit and loss in a small business.

Tailwind understands this reality and that is why we’re excited to announce the launch of the first of our three Portals.

The ‘Tailwind Customer Portal’ improves your ability to transact and service your customer, making it quicker and  easier for your customers to do business with you and your company.

Learn more about the Tailwind Customer Portal in this 30-minute On-Demand webinar

Features include

Request a Quote

Your customers can request a quote with you through your Tailwind system. You will be notified, and then your customer will be notified when you have rated the quote.

Place an Order

Those customers with whom you already have a relationship can place an order directly within the system. Now you just need to process it and assign a driver and equipment to the dispatch.

Account Balance & ‘Credit Available’

The Tailwind Customer Portal gives your customers an update on monies owing and credit available at a glance so they can make decisions on requesting a quote, placing an order, or making a payment to maintain an appropriate credit balance.

Posted ‘Proof of Deliveries’ (POD)

Now you can post your PODs in your customer portal. You can include link directly to your portal page on customer invoices so they can open and check on the PODs associated with a particular shipment or order.

Shipment Status

Your customer can check to see the status of the shipment, whether it’s been picked up, in transit, or completed. They can also see the notes associated with the shipment.

Customer Account Balance

Allows your customers to check on the status of their payables to your business. Keeps information transparent and top of mind – especially when your customers are wanting to do more business with your company.

Customer Account History

Allows your customers to access invoices, associated orders, and payments – saving you time from having to look for this information in your system and files.

You Customer Wins – You Win

Protected by Private Customer Log In and password, the Tailwind Customer Portal provides your customers with better service while saving you valuable time in your transaction and servicing efforts, allowing you to grow and scale your business effectively.

The Tailwind Customer Portal is available to Tailwind’s Enterprise Tier for $139/user/month.

Special Offer: Sign up for Tailwind Pro before May 31st and enjoy the benefits of Tailwind Customer Portal for $99/user/month until May 31, 2018 – a $560 in savings over 14 months!

  • Increase Revenues through easier, quicker quoting and order processes
  • Create Loyal Customers with better accessibility and service
  • Improve your Cash flow with posted PODs

Contact Your Tailwind Representative Today: Request a Demo or Start a 30-day Free Trial.

And next week (8am PDT, Wednesday May 3) Tailwind’s head trainer, Jon Kingsley will be leading a 30-minute webinar on Using your Tailwind Customer Portal. Register to learn more.

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