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At its core, a trucking business, or a freight brokerage business, is a ‘services business.’ A trucking business, or a freight brokerage business, produces no tangible product. Rather, it provides its customers with a service – the service of moving some commodity, or durable goods, from point A to point B – hopefully on time, and in good condition.

Thousands of businesses provide that essential Point A to Point B service – some better than others – and if you can’t do that, then you really can’t participate in the industry at all.

So how do you differentiate yourself? How do you build a sustainable business in the trucking industry?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to do this – no company is exactly alike.

Some do so through their equipment – the types of units and trailers they use. Others, the routes that they travel, perhaps the size of their fleet, or then again their reliability, or responsiveness to their customers. Some compete on price – but over the long term this has limitations.

This differentiation is the essence to building a business with a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace – it helps them capture a market niche.

Good trucking software and good freight brokerage software needs to support the unique ways that a trucking company, or freight brokerage, differentiates themselves in the marketplace.

For instance, it should provide customers with the ability to offer different types of services they offer

– Rush or expedited services
– Hot Shot
– Short haul or long haul

It should allow them the capture the key aspects of the unique equipment or driver certifications (HAZMAT) that make the business different.

Good trucking software should have a solid CRM component that can be used to send ‘notes’ or ‘tasks’ to other people in the operation, especially drivers, on something that needs to be done uniquely for a particular customer. It should give a company that ability to manage each customer, each vendor, each load – as uniquely as required. It should help a company execute on all those little ‘hand-offs’ that occur in the business – hand-offs so that good intentions embodied into a customer promise are turned into tangible actions in the delivery of a service.

It is often said that the business is in the details – in the small ways that you show your customer day-in and day-out that you value their business and that you are attentive to their needs and issues.

Good trucking software and freight brokerage software can do that for you.

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