Our Mission

To be the WIND at the back of YOUR freight business

Who We Are

Tailwind helps small and mid-sized trucking companies and freight brokerages - and those that do both - control the chaos of running a freight business – managing trucks and drivers, compliance, tracking, dispatching, administration and more. Being a web-based, the Tailwind TMS allows users to be productive whether they access the system from home, the office, or wherever they need to be. Thousands of smaller and family run operations have used Tailwind to improve their cash-flow, profitability, and better compete with the big players in the market. We provide a supported and comprehensive, ‘all-in-one’ trucking softwarefreight broker software, or freight broker + carrier software system for as little as $99 a month.

Company History

For the past 20 years, Tailwind has built enterprise-grade Transportation Management Software (TMS) for thousands of trucking companies, 3PLs, as well as companies that run trucks AND broker loads (Tailwind can handle both sides of the business). Tailwind software allows freight transportation companies to manage their business more effectively by centralizing customer and vendor data, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, and being the intersection where best-in-class partner technologies (Mileage, Load Boards, ELDs, etc.) can be managed. Recognizing the growing need for an ‘all-in-one’ transportation management software for small to mid-sized freight businesses, Tailwind released its first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application in 2015. In 2017, Tailwind was named Best Trucking & Freight Brokerage Software Provider by Industry Insight Monthly. In 2020, Tailwind joined Envase Technologies as part of an existing suite of market-leading TMS softwares built for the intermodal community.

Combining our deep trucking-industry knowledge with the latest in cloud and user-experience technology, Tailwind continues to develop and refine our web-based transportation software to give our customers the tools necessary to run effective and efficient freight management businesses.

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What Sets Us Apart

Centralized Information

Tailwind helps you make clear, informed decisions about your business. We keep your business information centralized—making it easy for you to find and access your revenue, cost, and profitability data.

Support Resources

Tailwind is easy to do business with – we listen and we respond. We provide comprehensive support resources through online training, instructional videos and documents, in-app chat, email and over the phone.

Monthly Subscription

Tailwind is a ‘partner in your success’ – when you win, we win. Our service is offered via monthly subscription. No need to outlay a significant amount of money up front for software that may, or may not, work for your business.

“We are a small company - it’s just me, my employer, and 5 drivers. The old software we used was very tedious and I never heard back from their support department when I needed help. With Tailwind I can punch in 5 dispatches in less than 15 minutes - it used to take me about an hour. The training is wonderful. Tailwind’s support department is incredible.”

– Jim L., Woody’s Trucking

We know trucking is a demanding and essential industry. Because of this, we marshal all of our resources to help you become successful. We are on YOUR SIDE. Our goal is for you to...

Feel the WIND at your back