A New Year’s Message From Tailwind

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Happy New Year

As I watched Charles Dickens’ enduring classic A Christmas Carol yet again over the holidays, the plot of the movie got me thinking about Tailwind and the work we’ve done. So here is a look to the past, an outline of Christmas Present, and a view to the future and what 2019 holds.

Tailwind Past

In 2014, we made an honest assessment of our situation and looked at how the world of software was changing – the impact that web-based technologies were having across the industry – and realized that we needed to chart a new course for our business.

We understood the need to move to an Internet based platform – one that was dynamic, could be constantly upgraded, that allowed customers to try it first to see if it made sense for their business. And, of course, software that they could get up and running quickly, was easy to use, and didn’t cost scores or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started.

Tailwind Present

Today, Tailwind’s online platform has garnered the interest and use of hundreds of companies and thousands of users, who are able to access their TMS from the office, from home, or even while travelling.

It is a fully functioning all-in-one system that helps brokerage and trucking companies operate and administrate their business operations no matter where they are.

In 2018, Tailwind made over 2018 improvements to its platform launching the Enterprise Tier. It is supported by video, live and recorded training sessions, along with support so you can access help anytime from anywhere. And all of this because of you: listening to your feedback on our platform, and then working feverishly to improve it.

Tailwind Future

In 2019, as we accelerate development you will see an innovative new integration with Trucker Tools which will help logistics companies identify when and where they can get trucks to move available freight.

Customers will also see EDI, GPS/ELD and ACE/ACI integrations, as well as improvements to our ‘POD Complete’ phone app, making it even more relevant to the needs of the trucking business and its drivers.

We will also continue our efforts to improve our customer self-serve options in our application, in order to help you do more with less – more interactions and better service without having to add  more people.

And as we make the turn into the second half of 2019, we will begin our work on the development of an application that will support what we call the Digital, Intelligent Supply Chain Company (D.I.S.C.O), that looks to give midsize logistics companies with assets the ability to seamlessly operate in an intermodal environment, with the latest in technology and making efficient decision based on insight and reports that will drive better more informed, more timely decisions for the market – ready for launch in 2020.

Over the course of 2019 customers will see more capability within their product tier and will see the value of their monthly subscription increase in value as they garner more capability from a continuously evolving and upgrading application.

We will continue to provide ongoing resources to our customers, and continue to ask you for your requests about the application knowing that these requests are what makes the application better.

We look forward to serving you again in 2019 and beyond and wish all of you a very Happy New Year!



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