A Bonfire of Paper

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One of the more memorable movies I have watched in my life had no dialogue or  subtitles – it wasn’t a painting, please!

It was a major motion picture, came out some 30 years ago, set some 10,000+ years ago during the dawn of mankind. (I didn’t even know they had movie crews then!)

It was called Quest for Fire and seeing it imbued you with a sense of the power of fire and how it transformed humans and helped us evolve…to the point that we now have fire trucks and firemen calendars!

Okay, so we haven’t evolved that much. But I will get to the point.

I was reminded of the movie this morning when I talked to a very nice woman phoning in to find out about oursoftware. She was phoning in to see what we could offer her as she provided administrative support to her family business.

She told me, that at 11pm last night, as she was updating spreadsheets (Excel Hell!) and dealing with more paperwork tracking expenses, payments, IFTA filings…….that she decided she had to do something different in the business. She had had enough.

I asked her if she just want to ‘feel the wind at her back’ and throw all of those papers up into the air and ‘let it go’.

She laughed and said that it was more like ‘wanting to throw all the paper into a big heap and setting it on fire.


A bonfire of paper – that’s an image.

A ‘Bonfire of the Insanities’…of trying to run a trucking business in a highly competitive and high regulated industry and keeping up with the paperwork. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

I am thinking that we should name our next trucking software – Sane. Tailwind Sane.

We got have to start selling trucking software to help these people out…or fire alarms…not sure which.

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