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Newsletter: 2018 in Review

Trucking Software Customer Survey Results

Roza Agecoutay

(Our Winter newsletter went out recently, but we thought we’d repost it here for anyone who missed it. If you want to subscribe to our quarterly e-mail newsletter, you can …

Freight Broker Planet Podcast: TMS SOFTWARE

Image of a Q & A session with Tailwind TMS Software

Roza Agecoutay

A Q&A podcast answering the most frequently asked questions on the need for TMS software and its uses. Hosted by Freight Broker Planet and featuring Tailwind Transportation Software President & …

Where There’s Fyre – There’s Smoke!

Campire on a beach

Roza Agecoutay

This is not a post I particularly take pleasure in writing, because I am typically someone who appreciates the ambition of the dreamer, the heart of the entrepreneur, and those …