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The Eira of My Ways

Portrait of Funny Burmese Kitten Lick with tongue Tasty on White Background, front view

Murray Pratt

“Hi Murray” “Oh, hi Brad, come on in.” “Did I catch you at bad time? “Not at all – I always have time for our ‘groovy-socks’ marketer. By the way, …

Getting in Touch With My Inner Millennial

Collage of popsicles

Murray Pratt

I recently attended the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) conference in Palm Desert California. It’s a tough gig I know. I didn’t want to impose it upon too many of my …

Growing Your Trucking Company

Truck driving on the road

Brad Zaytsoff

Dare to Dream All companies start with a dream. Maybe it’s to be your own boss, or to provide a better life for your family – or maybe you want …

Flying Past 100!

Closeup of an Aircraft Patrolled Sign with Maximum Speed Limit

Murray Pratt

Being a supplier to the trucking industry, I realize that the title of this blog might be interpreted with either alarm, or a ‘so what’. It can be interpreted differently …