Month: November 2017

  • The Comeback

    The Comeback

    If you watched game-5 of the World Series you saw one of the most amazing games of baseball ever played. While the rather liberal strike zone offered up by the home plate umpire would have seemed to favor the pitchers, it was the batters who prevailed in the 13-12 win by the Houston Astros over […]

  • From Ontario Trucking News – Cash Flow: There’s an App for That

    From Ontario Trucking News – Cash Flow: There’s an App for That

    You know the demands placed upon your business for cash. You have drivers all over the continent, trucking hard and doing the best they can to make a decent living. They get paid twice a month, and they know that if they want to get paid, they better find a way to get all those […]

  • Birds of a Feather…

    Birds of a Feather…

    As I walked out on the dyke that keeps Boundary Bay from pouring into our homes, I watched one of the most fantastic shows of the year. It was put on by Mother Nature herself. In the midst of a sunny and warm day last month, I looked out over the bay to see, once […]

  • Help Yourself!

    Help Yourself!

    I remember when I was a hungry teenager – sitting down at the dinner table after a long day of school and activities. On some days, I would have a 6am hockey practice, classes all day, and then for a few months I would have a football practice after school for a couple of hours. […]

  • Amazing, Great, How Sweet the Sound

    Amazing, Great, How Sweet the Sound

    ‘Amazing Grace How sweet the sound To have saved a wretch like me I once was lost But now am found Was blind And now I see’ Author Unknown   Its author is unknown but this familiar ancient hymn seems to stir something in our collective DNA. It speaks to redemption and compassion no matter […]

  • Minding Your Own Falcon Business

    Minding Your Own Falcon Business

    I know, I know… it’s a cheesy, headline-grabbing title for a blog. But now that you found yourself here, you might as well stay for a bit… Most of you may know by now that I am an ardent bird lover. Not sure why, it may be the fact that t sometimes when I dream, […]

  • Putting ‘Hours of Service’ Regulations to Bed

    Putting ‘Hours of Service’ Regulations to Bed

    Do you ever wonder what is going really going on? Like, in another dimension? Like maybe there is some parallel universe where our ancestors and some of the things we think about are floating all around you as you go about your day… My 20-minute commute to work every day sees me drive along the […]

  • Why So Disruptive?

    Why So Disruptive?

    I was a good kid. I went to church. Okay, I had to go to church because my dad was the minister. It was part of the family gig. But I would sit relatively quiet in the pew until they sent us all out to Sunday school where we could let loose a bit. But […]