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The Comeback

Play at Home Plate

Roza Agecoutay

If you watched game-5 of the World Series you saw one of the most amazing games of baseball ever played. While the rather liberal strike zone offered up by the …

Birds of a Feather…

Snow Geese take Flight

Roza Agecoutay

As I walked out on the dyke that keeps Boundary Bay from pouring into our homes, I watched one of the most fantastic shows of the year. It was put …

Help Yourself!

Man doing self-registration for flight with E-ticket

Roza Agecoutay

I remember when I was a hungry teenager – sitting down at the dinner table after a long day of school and activities. On some days, I would have a …

Amazing, Great, How Sweet the Sound

BagPiper in Scotland

Roza Agecoutay

‘Amazing Grace How sweet the sound To have saved a wretch like me I once was lost But now am found Was blind And now I see’ Author Unknown   …

Minding Your Own Falcon Business


Roza Agecoutay

I know, I know… it’s a cheesy, headline-grabbing title for a blog. But now that you found yourself here, you might as well stay for a bit… Most of you …

Why So Disruptive?

Little boy praying

Roza Agecoutay

I was a good kid. I went to church. Okay, I had to go to church because my dad was the minister. It was part of the family gig. But …