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Where’s the Candy?

Three children in Halloween costumes sitting on porch

Roza Agecoutay

At Halloween, my mother, god rest her soul, wouldn’t let us say, ‘Trick or Treat!’ “I just don’t think you kids should be threatening to do a trick on someone …

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Business Needs

Hierarchy of Needs Diagram of Human Motivation

Roza Agecoutay

You may be familiar with Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. And all of us – whether we know it or not – are involved in some way in climbing up his …

Holding the Middle

Closeup portrait of a muscular sportsman. Brutal bodybuilder athletic man with barbell

Roza Agecoutay

They once had a contest in Canada’s national newspaper on ‘Defining a Canadian’. There were some memorable entries A Canadian is someone who apologizes to an Instant Bank machine. A …

The Big ‘Mo’

Green thong on heart balloon

Roza Agecoutay

I remember losing track of the ball carrier as he steamed forward on the other side of the field. I was parrying and dodging a receiver assigned to block me …

Picking Your Team

Hockey players lined up on a sheet of ice

Roza Agecoutay

We had watched the kids the previous four games carefully, noting their strengths and weaknesses, and trying to recall when we might have coached a particular kid so we could …