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Announcing the New Tailwind Customer Portal

Tailwind TMS Customer Portal

Brad Zaytsoff

You wear many hats in your business. If you run or lead a small trucking or freight brokerage company you have to do everything – finding loads, dispatching, creating BOLs, …

Managing Perennials

Man with flowers in his beard

Murray Pratt

“Erick? Erick?” “Yes, Mr. Pratt.” “Can you come with me to my office?” “Um, okay – did I do something wrong?” “Not at all Erick – you have been doing …

Braking Vlad

Truck Driver

Murray Pratt

Throughout your career you run into people who inspire you. They do things and or teach you things that help you create a better journey for yourself. I remember working …

DeskTop Hero

Woman happy at her desk

Murray Pratt

(sung to the Tune of Jukebox Hero) ♫ Sitting at her desk, with her head hung low Couldn’t find a ticket, collections were slow Heard the roar of the boss, …