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Hard to Grab Onto

Holding water in cupped hands

Roza Agecoutay

It’s quite hard to grab a handful of it. It slips from your hands and runs through your fingers as you bring it up to your mouth to take a …

Warts n’ All

Wart on toe

Roza Agecoutay

  “That just about does it” My podiatrist had just scraped the last remnants of a big plantar wart that had somehow winnowed its way into the inner workings of …

Sometimes You Just Need to Pick up the Shovel

Little boy shovels snow

Roza Agecoutay

During the first week of February, 14-inches of snow fell on metropolitan Vancouver. This dump of snow isn’t anything significant to many of those who live in northern climates – people …

Are We Giving Them Pizza?


Roza Agecoutay

It was an audacious move no doubt. He saw the passengers stranded in the lounge. Their flight had been cancelled. It was late in the evening and they were frustrated. …

Mistakes Can Be Forgiven

Adele in concert

Roza Agecoutay

She started up the song. Millions of people around the globe were watching on TV – waiting for a memorable performance. She started and knew she was off-key – headed …

The Cover of my Rolling Stock

Truck driver

Roza Agecoutay

We’re big load slingers We got golden rims-s-s-ers And we’re drivin’ everywhere we go We drive about beauty and as far as Duluth At $10,000 a load We move all …

“Can I Still Play?”

Youth Hockey Player

Roza Agecoutay

This is the scariest line you hear as a minor hockey coach. It’s asked by one of the young hockey players in the dressing room before the game. It comes …

Blue Wolves & Pink Bunnies

Blue wolf and pink bunny image

Roza Agecoutay

We have all been in those meetings haven’t we? You know the ones. It’s a hot room. People all sitting around going back and forth from each sandwich tray, grabbing …


Twitter bird saying "Follow me"

Roza Agecoutay

“Murray, do you have a minute?” “Sure Brad… nice socks…. um… what’s up?” “Well, is it okay if I sit down?” “Sure. Close the door if you want to. This …