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Seuss Trucking

Dr. Seuss Books

Murray Pratt

“Hello, how may I direct your call?”   “Well,  I’d like to ship some books to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.”   “I’ll put you through to Dispatch.”   “Thanks.”   …

A Writer’s Engine Block

Truck on road

Murray Pratt

You know the feeling. You just can’t seem to get unstuck. You tried to turn on a corner that was just a bit too sharp, and you got stuck. You …

A Bird’s Eye View

Bald Eagle Looking Down

Murray Pratt

On my way home from work each day, driving on our new highway that cuts through the protected agriculture area in our little corner of the world, I will see scores, …

Up Where You Belong

Businessman meditating in the office

Murray Pratt

“Prab! Prab! Did you see it? Did you see that?” “Um… oh… hi Mr. Pratt… see what?” “Come in here…” “Well I was just heading over…” “Look! Look? Did it …

‘IL Buono, IL Brutto, IL Cattivo’

The Good, the bad and the ugly vs GoodFellas

Murray Pratt

My son’s hockey game over, after a long day at work, I had just slumped down in my comfortable rocking chair, beer in my left hand and the channel changer …