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Entres Amis, Between Friends

American flag and Canadian flag

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In 1976 the Canadian government commissioned a book of photography as a gift to the United States in commemoration of its Bi-Centennial celebration. It was a collection of stunning photographs …

When Your Hero Dies

Gordie Howe

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I remember it vividly. I was 9 years old. I was angry about something on the other arising from an argument in the kitchen with my mother. I ran upstairs …

Bon Fire of the Insanities

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Mary had grabbed several manila folders. She could see them laying askance beside the big mound in her backyard. As she sipped on her glass of wine she contemplated what …

Grinders and Grinding

People shaking hands in front of a group

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This is a difficult topic to write about.  I am someone who is an optimist, bordering on being an idealist. I served on a volunteer board one time and a …