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I Did My Driveway

Classic truck

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And now…. my truck’s in gear And so I face the final curtain My friend I’ll steer it clear I’ll state my case Of which I’m certain I’ve got, a …

The Ants Have it Figured Out

Ants on a leaf

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When I first joined the transportation industry – well, joined a technology company that built trucking software for the industry – I found myself looking at trucks more often. I …

It’s All Pretty Stupid

Boys getting ready to play baseball

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After attending my son’s Peewee baseball tournament in a suburb of metropolitan Vancouver a couple weekends ago, I came to the conclusion that we are doing a good job of …

Checks and Balances

Words associated with Accounting

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‘There are 3 types of Accountants. Those who can count, and those who can’t!’ Now you can appreciate why I spend my time more in the ‘customer facing’ areas of …

Convincing the Boss

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Does this sound familiar? You’ve come to the realization that your current operation is getting increasingly disorganized. So much so that you can no longer track all of the pieces of …

And His Band Played On

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Last week the band instructor at my kids’ school passed away. Apparently he died in his sleep. The kids were told about this the day after by the school principal. …

Catch-22 Trucking

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“Thanks for calling Catch 22 Trucking. How can we help you?” “Um…ah…well…I have a load of cereal that I need to move from Battle Creek, down to Jacksonville, Florida”. “Okay, …