Month: December 2015

  • Dangerfield Trucking

    “My wife was afraid of the dark….then she saw me naked. And now she’s afraid of the light” Rodney Dangerfield ——————————————————————- I don’t get no respect. I get up and work all day and I pick up a load and move it someplace else I get the paperwork and bring it back to the office […]

  • Corn Trucking

    Since my kids were babies, (fond memories enter in of the time of before they could speak – sigh!) I would tell them a story when they would not eat their dinner. “Once upon a time, a corn farmer in the middle of our country planted some corn seeds.  He waited all spring and all […]

  • Monday Morning at Shakespeare Trucking

    “Hi Dennis. Glad to have you join us for your first day of dispatching at our company” “Just glad to be here” “Our business is a bit different so I wanted to give you a head’s up on this. You know it’s tough to find drivers these days, right?” “Boy is it ever – my […]

  • Planes, Trains and Trucks

    The practice of ‘tandem driving’ makes a lot of sense when you have a long- haul trucking operation. Keeps the equipment moving and can improve service reliability but it does come with a cost no doubt. But there is also one line you just don’t want to hear coming from a Sleeper Cab. “Those aren’t […]

  • Choices, Choices

    “See, I knitted it myself.” She had said this with pride. Liz had brought her new boyfriend to the theatre that night firstly to introduce her new 17 year old beau, and secondly to have him model the evidence of her prowess with the needle and yarn in the making of a Christmas sweater.She worked […]

  • Pair of Dice by the Dashboard Lights

    Well, I remember every little thing As if it happened only yesterday Travelling by the lake And there was- not another truck in sight And I never had a Rig Running any better than you did And all the-guys at driving- school Wishin’ they were me that nightYour truck-body felt so close, and it felt […]

  • Unfocussed Trucking Company

    “Thanks for calling UnFocussed Trucking Company…….how can I help you?” “Yes, I’d be interested in getting a quote from you guys. We are wanting to ……..” “No – no – it’s supposed to go to Houston now. Sorry, buddy, someone is just asking me a question. Just a minute. ‘Yes, yes………it was supposed to leave […]

  • Life Balance and Trucking

    So I am standing at the dog beach trying to keep track of my Labradoodle puppy, Wilson.  The other moms, the ones who don’t work and can spend the whole day in super expensive yoga pants sipping fair trade coffee, ask me how I can manage kids and work.  I try not to let disdain […]

  • Life is a Highway

    “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long.” – Tom Cochrane Or ride it at least until the mandatory sleep and rest provisions check in! This morning, as I write my blog, I am grooving to the tunes of Tom Cochrane. Enjoying his biggest hit song, “Life is a Highway.” Released in 1992, […]

  • Haulin’ SaaS

    <Siren stops> “License and Registration please. I had you clocked doing 66 mph in a 50 mph zone in that town back there. What are you haulin?” “Um, I’m haulin’ SaaS, sir.” “Yes, your certainly were haulin’ ass, but what you got in the back bud?” “SaaS – I have a truckload of SaaS.” “Are […]