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And then………… we talk about how Tailwind can bring it altogether for you linking a Database with Orders, with your Dispatch system that flows right through to your Invoicing & Payments….reducing duplicate data entry and eliminating much of the paperwork in your business. All of which keeps you in compliance, operating at a higher level, and able to enjoy the odd glass of beer or wine rather than going through that big stack of bills and sheets every Friday night.

And then you find yourself getting out of Excel purgatory but realizing that the time that you spent doing it yourself in Excel  helped you to better understand how it can all be put together to make your life simpler, more enjoyable.

I tell you what……I am just glad I don’t have that same issue when I do my blogging. I takes me about 5 times longer! (I get paid by ‘word’ not by the ‘hour’ in this gig!)

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