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5 Ways to Recession Proof Your Freight Business

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The Tailwind TMS helps you take control of your freight business

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Control the chaos of compliance, dispatch and paperwork with an award winning web-based TMS.

"I easily completed integration and worked efficiently from day one."- Bob Kneis, XLENT Industries

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Tailwind improves cash-flow and profits for small to mid-sized trucking companies, freight brokerages, and those that do both. We help you compete with those big firms without having to spend big money just to get started.

Tailwind’s award winning  all-in-one TMS helps manage operations, customers, dispatch, admin & accounting. It also includes the FREE POD Complete trucking app (for Android and iPhone) and integrates with QuickBooks Online.

‘All-in-one’ System

From quoting & ordering, to dispatch, to invoicing & payments — Tailwind’s “one-stop” web-based TMS keeps your freight business moving. Includes a FREE e-POD phone app for all your drivers.


In-app support chat and tutorials, a responsive customer success team, video training sessions, and extensive self-help materials gets you going FAST!

Affordable Pricing

Affordable, pay-as-you-go software. No up-front fees. No long-term contracts. Tailwind is a partner in your success — we grow when you do.

Customer Results

When Tailwind customers were asked in a recent survey about results they saw using the Tailwind TMS:


Customer Stories

Carmin Iorio, Founder & CEO, TCB Logistics “Without it, it would have been a nightmare. We use Tailwind to keep track of all of our customers, vendors, and pick- up and drop-off locations, as well as for invoicing. It just keeps things organized for me.” read more

Mundo Sanchez, CFO, Loop Integrated Solutions
“I can’t emphasize just how responsive Tailwind and its customer service team has been to our needs. We reduced our cost of producing an invoice by over 75%. We reduced the cost of making a payment by over 50%. Carriers are telling us that we are doing things better than some of the biggest players in the industry!”
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Jason Denbow, President, Orangedale Transportation “I went through an extensive TMS review and found that Tailwind had an extremely robust set of features that were all web-based at an affordable price. Being able to sign into the TMS system on any device with an internet connection has been a life saver. Choosing Tailwind TMS was one of the best decisions I have made.” read more