Today, A Baby Driver

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As you are scooting down the road this morning, it’s important to know that its Paul Simon’s 74th birthday today. I am quite attuned to the birthdays today because today is also my mother’s 87th birthday. She and Paul Simon – he of Simon & Garfunkel – share this birth date.

When I get to my desk in the morning to call out to some of the fine people that have dropped by our website over the past day, I get the itch to get moving. And because I have to sit at my work station all day, I can only dream about getting into that cab and heading out on the highway and ‘scooting down the road.’

So now that you know that I live vicariously through all of you, my customers, as I dream about riding parallel to a mountain range on the big open highways in Montana, competing for space in intense heavy traffic off the Jersey Turnpike, or getting my kicks meandering down Route 66.

But as this song came to me this morning, I realized that, like Paul Simon, my mother was a Baby Driver. She raised 5 healthy and happy children that went onto to live their lives on their own terms. Some have now passed, but in the twilight of her life, cocooned as she is by Alzheimer’s, I hope within those ‘Sounds of Silence,’ she gets those wisps of joy by the thoughts of her children – those fleeting moment of satisfactions –  for being the sustenance and foundation that drove all of us in our lives, myself included.

So as you get into your cab today, remember the reasons why you are ‘driving,’ think about why you are ‘driven.’ Take a minute to give thanks and appreciate the people that gave you the opportunity to live, to drive – and stimulated in you the very ‘drive’ and ambition that made you start your own business, run your own rig.

I think the lyrics of Simon & Garfunkel’s Baby Driver says it best. Put it on and drive to its rhythms. You will feel good.

My daddy was the family bassman
My mamma was an engineer
And I was born one dark gray morn
With music coming in my ears
In my ears.

They call me Baby Driver
And once upon a pair of wheels
Hit the road and I’m gone ah
What’s my number
I wonder how your engine feels.
Ba ba ba ba
Scoot down the road
What’s my number
I wonder how your engine feels

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