‘Baby, You Can Drive My Truck’

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Desmond has a shipment to the marketplace, but Molly can’t find Klinger and his van.

Alan Norr’s Rig ‘B’ picked up some rice from a dock but it got lost in a change.

Shipper Mackenzie – losing a skid on a trip cause the driver had not -latched the door.

What’s this all for…all the crazy people, how much-more can go wrong?

All the crazy people…how long can this go on?

And now Molly is sitting in her office crying.

“Help, Help, I need somebody, Help……not just anybody”, she blurts out between each burst of tears.

Molly feels like she has been doing paperwork ‘Eight Days a Week’. And while ‘She Loves You’ ya, ya, ya.. she didn’t sign up to do paperwork for a trucking business every waking moment of her life, and more.

She came with Desmond, her husband, to the country to find a new life. While Desmond is out driving she is now thinking about going ‘Back to the USSR’- because ‘the dream’ is dying under a mountain of paperwork.

Hmm…Desmond – you don’t know how lucky you are, to have a woman willing to work a Hard Days’ Night, eight days a week, and all through the weekend, to do paperwork for your trucking business.

But the business continues to grow and many more trucks are added to the mix…more customers, more drivers, more invoices, more driver settlements, IFTA, maintenance tracking……..everything is now going Helter Skelter. Some of the loads are going on a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. And then one day Mean Mr. Mustard from the DOT shows up with ‘Lovely Rita the Mileage Maid’………and they start asking for details on your operation.

And then the next day Molly revolts- the entire staff revolts- and they want to start a Revolution.

You say Hi – they say Lo – you say ‘why’…and they say ‘I don’t know’. They say Goodbye but you say Hello…you don’t know why they say Goodbye, but you say ‘Hello.’

And you look into Molly’s eyes and say:

“Hey Jude (you even forgot her name)…….I let you down. I will take this bad month ………and make it better. It will be a Long and Winding Road no doubt… but I will make it better, better, better, better, better….ya…..na, na, na, na, na.”

And she says,

“Stop singing like a ‘Fool on the Hill’, and see if you can get some software to make my life easier before I take ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ and give you an ‘Ob-La-Di’ nose. Besides, we just got notice from ‘Sargeant Pepper and his Lonely Hearts Club Band of Auditors’ from the ICC and the DOT and they are coming into to see if our maintenance is out of tune. Don’t sing me a song, and walk out on me…just get me some software that can help.”

Luckily for Desmond, somewhere in the black mining hills of South Dakota lives a young developer named ‘Jacques the Tycoon’  – and one day his partner ran off with his code –  Jacques didn’t like that  – said ‘I’m going to get that guy’.

So ‘Jacques the Tycoon’ checked into a room, to make his company more viable. His rival – it seems – had stolen his screens and tried to make something more fancy. Jacques teamed-up with Nabil, who called himself Gilles, but everyone knew him as Clancy.

And together, they launched an online ‘software- as- a- service’ application that was a breakthrough in the trucking software industry. It was called   ‘Loose C+ in the Sky with Diamonds’. To make it easier for customers to remember the name, he just called it ‘Yellow Submarine’ – named it after the town where he was born.

Desmond phoned into Yellow Submarine and told them about his problems. They could see that he was a real Nowhere Man, living with his nowhere plan, and wondering how he could makes ends meet like Lady Madonna.

They told him to picture yourself at a computer workstation, with tangerine trucks and loads in the sky. Someone is there as your drive down the turnpike, it’s a dispatcher with $ in his eyes. Cell phone towers tracking his trucks that are waiting to takes loads away………look for the pain in her eyes….AND ITS GONE – ‘Loose C+ in the Sky with Diamonds.’

They also told him that:

“All You need is Love………..and a monthly subscription to a SaaS trucking software that gives you an all in one solution that combines a Database, with a Quoting & Ordering engine, tied into a Dispatch system that flows through to an Invoicing and Payment utility.

Since then, it’s been ‘Getting Better All the Time.’

He was able book thousands of loads no problem. His customers would always say to Desmond,
“Boy you’re going to carry that weight, carry that weight…..a long time.”

And now, all the people in the business – the drivers, the dispatchers, the accountants- ‘Come Together’ around a centralized database in the Cloud that has all of his data and reports in one location.
And ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and it’s alright.

And Desmond and Molly went onto to build a great business and a home- sweet -home –with a couple of kids moving trucks in the yard – a business called ‘Desmond & Molly Jones Trucking.’

And in the end – the loads they take are equal to the loads they make.

But if you want some fun, and some online trucking software…… sing Ob-la-di….Ob –la-da.

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