The Robot CEO

Robot CEO

Murray Pratt

I remember enjoying one particular episode of Cheers – the hit 1980s TV sitcom starring Ted Danson. It was the one in which Norm is promoted to become the guy …

‘Fill up Your SaaS Tank, Sir?’

Man Refueling Car's Tank

Murray Pratt

  “I can see across the street that the price of gallon of gas at that station is $2.21. What are YOU guys charging? I don’t see it anywhere?” “Oh… …

Trucking Equipment: Lease vs. Own

Key for buy and lease

Robert Bleier

This is a question I have spent the better part of the past five years thinking about and analyzing. I have looked at the cash-flow impacts, the tax consequences, and …

People Don’t Want To Be Sold

sales magician

Brad Zaytsoff

‘We just need to EDUCATE the customer.’ ‘Please download our 30-page guide on how to buy our application – it even comes with its own ROI calculator!’ ‘If they just …

Livin’ the GPS Life

Coffee Shop

Murray Pratt

Every morning I go to Tim Horton’s to get my ‘double-double’. And this morning, owing to the fact I didn’t eat much for supper the night before, I decided to …

‘Everybody’s Working for the Weekend’

Murray Pratt

Unfortunately, except for those, it seems, who work in trucking. I felt like having an 80’s retro Monday morning, so I have put on my Jaromir Jagr mullet-cap… you know …

Getting ready for the holidays… Tailwind style!

Brad Zaytsoff

Curling is a serious sport…   Johnny’s got some mad curling skills…   …Rockin’ around, the Christmas tree…   The gingerbread contest begins!   The Customer Success team has Earl …

Tailwind Announces: No Discounts at Year End…

No End of Year Sale

Murray Pratt

Tailwind Transportation Software is pleased to announce that it will not be offering discounts on its award-winning web-based software-as-a-service transportation management software at the end of this calendar year. We …